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  4. "Believe them when they say that it’s over. That there isn’t anything else worth fighting for. Don’t look more reasons to stay, or for any loopholes that they might have missed themselves. Just leave. Don’t keep holding onto something that has already hit the floor. You’ll be trying to put those pieces together for the rest of your life. Just leave. Don’t argue with them or tell them how much you love them or how much you still want this. Just leave. Your energy is better spent elsewhere. Better spent healing yourself and fighting for someone who will never put their fists down just because their heart has given up. Just leave. You are not a struggle. You are not someone who needs to be saved. Just leave. The longer you fight the more tired you are going to be in the end. Just leave. You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to love you, to stay, to see that you are worth it. Just leave. You are not broken. You are not the one who has given up. You are the one who remained strong even when your heart was collapsing beneath your own bones. Just leave. You can say that it will be better, that you will be better, but you both know that what’s best for the both of you is to just leave. You’ve been in this constant battle of trying to love yourself and loving someone who only knows how to leave before anything is resolved. So just leave. Because even if you still want this, still want them, you have always deserved someone who will fight beside you even when their strength is running on low."
    "Just leave," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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Marilyn Monroe on the Love Happy tour, 1949

    Marilyn Monroe on the Love Happy tour, 1949

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